What We Can Do for You

Highly skilled in machining and welding, we provide quality workmanship and immediate response to resolve any facility problem. That means minimized downtime and maximized production efficiency.

Custom Machining, Prototypes & Design

We can develop your concepts and bring them to reality with your specifications by creating and/ or modifying a prototype. Steeltech Machining will provide you with the technical information concerning manufacturing techniques and materials while advising you on process advantages and the limitations. With determination and creative thinking, we can come up with the fabricating solutions you require while keeping cost and quality in mind.

Welding & Fabricating

We have several different types of welding machines giving us the ability to handle any welding application we are challenged with. This, along with our personal approach to services, is what makes us the right welding provider for your needs. SteelTech offers expert fabrication and welding services with TIG, MIG, Stick and Spray Welding on all Metals including stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron. We also provide off site welding with our portable welding Machine.

Repair Solutions

We can give you fast turnaround for your custom repairs, such as the drive clutch plate shown. We offer cost-effective repairs as an option to OEM replacement parts

Field Services

We will visit your site and share our experience and knowledge to analyse your problem and propose solutions. Consider the following success stories:

Custom Gears
These custom gears were fabricated for a side-loader lift truck. As a dealer item, delivery time would have been 4 weeks. Steeltech Machining was able to deliver to the client in 3 days, eliminating precious downtime and cost saving.

Custom Machining Jig
This jig was designed to facilitate flush machining of a rivet head to eliminate the possibility of damaging the main body. The pneumatic cylinder provides constant pressure on the body to ensure that the rivet and only the rivet is machined to close tolerances

Drive Clutch
Steeltech Machining fabricated and heat treated this product in 2 weeks versus the manufacturers 8 weeks' delivery time from Germany.